Weight Management

Biotivia’s promise to you is continued scientific research into weight management for health and longevity.

Resveratrol and the supporting ingredients in our supplements provide a total body reversal in the processes that tend to slow as you age. Instead, our supplements may help to kick start those processes back to working the way they are intended. Biotivia’s supplements don’t perform miracles. They simply remind your body that it has the power to be healthy. Our natural supplements boost your healthspan by complementing your efforts to live a quality life.

Mitigate the effects of the modern diet

You’ve heard of the French Paradox, right? It’s the maddening idea that French people tend to eat what should be fattening diets but stay lean. Who doesn’t want that for their own life? Medical experts believe the reason for this paradox may be the high red wine consumption in France. It just so happens that red wine is one of the most abundant sources of dietary Resveratrol. Now, those experts believe Resveratrol may be the true reason that red wine drinkers may eat a typical modern diet and not suffer the effects of weight gain and heart disease.

As further evidence, studies involving mice show that mice on fattening diets gained less weight when supplemented with Resveratrol compared to mice that did not receive supplementation. Although calorie restriction and plenty of whole, natural foods are the best way to control weight and extend your healthy years of life, we all occasionally overindulge or get too busy to prepare a nutritious meal. Resveratrol may be able to help mitigate the effects of those moments.

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