Biotivia believes

you have the power to get healthier today, and stay young longer

30 years ago, research untapped the power of diet and exercise on your health. Today, advances in anti-aging and disease prevention are pointing to the promise of advanced natural ingredients to promote health and improve longevity.

Our Health Supplements

The purest, most powerful natural ingredients to help you control your wellness… today, and long into the future.

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We apply the latest in health research to help address the root causes of age-related decline and disease. Let’s be clear, we won’t promise you a fountain of youth. But we do promise that our advanced formulations are based on the latest science and feature ingredients with substantial clinical research.

Reach 100% of your health potential

We invest in developing a select set of premium supplements with the potential to deliver a range of health benefits. By focusing on root causes and formulating integrated supplements, we can help you can get healthier and achieve your goals without taking a fist full of capsules.

Support your healthy lifestyle

You eat organic and keep fit. There’s no magic pill that can substitute for that. Our supplements help extend these benefits. They can also make it easier to achieve specific health goals. And when you do slip, they can help offset the long-term impact of poor diet and inactivity.

The world's purest, highest quality bio-enhanced resveratrol supplements



60 Veggie Capsules

Resveratrol is a substance that has been shown to have positive health benefits in plants, animals and humans. No natural or synthetic compound offers its extensive range of health and protective properties as confirmed in over 4,000 published scientific studies on resveratrol and its analogs.


The Next Generation of Antioxidant Protection


Super Fruit Antioxidant

60 Veggie Capsules

BioQuench is the most scientifically advanced, complete, and powerful anti-oxidant on the market. It is based on the most in-depth and recent research into antioxidant supplementation, and features a synergistic combination of 3 superfruits and alpha lipoic acid.

It’s not just a vegetarian Omega 3. It’s a better one.


Omega 3 Support in a Class of Its Own

60 Veggie Capsules

Green Omega-3 combines the two most advanced algae-based sources of Omega 3 to deliver DHA, EPA and ALA levels that rival those found in traditional fish oil supplements, without the risk of PCB, dioxin, and mercury contaminants.

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A different type of health supplements company

We founded Biotivia because we believed in the power of applied health research and natural ingredients to promote health. However, we felt let down and turned off by the mainstream vitamin and supplement makers. From quality concerns, to the obsessions with chasing fads, to the confusing array of products, to outrageous and unsupported claims – we could not find a company that developed innovative products at quality levels we could trust.

So, we started Biotivia based on these five principles:


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