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Transmax Resveratrol Supplements Boost Energy

Most Potent Trans-Resveratrol Available. BioEnhanced.


  • 60 capsules bottle (1-2 month supply)
Currently available in the USA and Canada, worldwide availably coming in 2016.


Transmax 500mg Resveratrol - 1000 times the potency of red wine

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  • Biotivia is the leading choice for medical research institutions conducting resveratrol studies. NIH, Einstein College of Medicine, Stony Brook University, Health Canada, Turin University Medical School, University of Ferrara, Italy, University of Northumbria, UK.
  • 100 percent pure pharmaceutical polygonum cuspidatum extract from organic, and wild plant sources.
  • The Only 500Mg Resveratrol capsule to be approved in recently released 2010 Consumer Lab Resveratrol brand evaluations. The resveratrol brand used in virtually all of the human clinical trials over the past five years. Registered by the US FDA and Health Ministries around the world.
  • Contains 500 mg of purified "Trans-Resveratrol" making it laboratory grade.
  • Shown in over 5,000 published scientific studies to improve health, and fight the effects of aging.
  • Now being processed using a proprietary system which dramatically boosts Trans-Resveratrol Bio-availability. The result is a substantially more effective dietary supplement.
  • The only resveratrol supplement that contains absolutely no synthetic or genetically modified resveratrol and no fillers, additives, or expanders.
  • The only resveratrol that is packaged using patented Oxidation Protection active packaging technology to insure potency when it arrives and for 24 months after purchase.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and people who follow a gluten-free diet.
  • Transmax 500mg Resveratrol - 1000 times the potency of red wine


Just Trans-Resveratrol 98+% - pure Trans-Resveratrol ... this is Biotivia's pledge to you.

There is a vast difference in quality amongst various Resveratrol products. Biotivia is the only US company that harvests it own raw materials, extracts the Resveratrol using a patented low temperature vacuum system with an edible solvent in our own facility. We process the Resveratrol with an advanced dry fluid bed granulation system to insure absolutely consistent particle size and quality. We further utilize a bio-enhancement system, which we developed, to increase bio-availablity of our finished Resveratrol products by a factor of at least 2 times that of pharmaceutical grade reference Resveratrol. We have over 18 years of experience manufacturing rare botanicals and employ a staff of highly-qualified bio-chemists, botanists, pharmacists and process engineers. Our lab manager has over 35 years of university teaching experience in the fields of food chemistry and nutraceuticals.

Bioforte contains only bio-enhanced pharmaceutical-grade Resveratrol. Our Resveratrol products are made in accordance with FDA CGMP and US NIH standards.

Resveratrol is subject to oxidation, which renders the compound totally ineffective. To insure against this, Biotivia processes its products in an Oxygen-free environment, fills its bottles with nitrogen gas and uses a patented Oxygen scavenging packaging technology which no other supplement company uses. This Active Packaging Sytsem captures the free Oxygen in the bottle which enters when you to take a capsule out of the bottle. With this system your supplement stays fully active for a minimum of 24 months.

Some other companies pack their capsules with inert fillers such as silica, cellulose and rice powder to 'bulk up' the mere 15mg to 100mg of Resveratrol they supply, but Biotivia resveratrol supplements contain only pure Resveratrol. The resveratrol capsules themselves are free of titanium dioxide, suitable for vegetarians, and conform to Jewish, Hindu and Muslim standards.


Some of the amazing health benefits of Transmax

Transmax  has many amazing heath benefits. These are to name but a few:

  • Feel more energy, both mentally and phyiscally

  • Increases stamina

  • Reduces appetite and cravings

  • Helps to give a better sleep

  • Faster and improved recovery time

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Biovea Singapore

Biotivia's Resveratrol Supplement Customer Testimonials

What our customers Are Saying

**Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our testimonial submitters. Biotivia maintains the full contact information of the buyers who have submitted the below comments. All buyers are independent of Biotivia and none were compensated in any way for his/her submission.

Please click Submit Comments to send us your experiences with any of our products. All testimonials on this page are freely submitted by our customers. None are compensated and none are solicited. Biotivia maintains records of the submitters' identity for verification purp oses. We do not release any personal data without the express consent of the submitter or upon order by a proper legal authority.

None of the information presented herein is intended to imply that any Biotivia product can diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition. Biotivia supplements are high quality natural products, not medicines. If you suffer from any medical condition you must seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner.

I first heard of resveratrol on a 60 Minutes news segment a few years ago. At that time, I was busy with a large amount of family responsibilities and just didn't have the time to research this ingredient, so I just forgot about it and moved on with my life.

In summer of 2009, I came across an article in one of my monthly magazines that discussed the new "super foods, super ingredients" for promoting a healthful lifespan and resveratrol was mentioned in that article. Researchers determined the trans version of resveratrol is most effective form for overall health and consumers should look for this version in a quality product. I come from a research, investigative, information-gathering family and Google is our favorite family member. I Googled "trans resveratrol" and Biotivia was the first link that popped up. What impressed me about Biotivia was the extensive clinical studies it has done on Transmax and that this information was readily available on the company website for consumers to digest. In fact, I really enjoyed reading the bullet points of the technical information. (I comprehended this because my undergraduate degree is in biochemistry, though I left the field a decade ago.) I immediately ordered a couple of bottles of Transmax. Since then, I take 1000 mg every morning, first thing, with a paste of three crushed garlic cloves, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric, 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of hemp oil, and 1 teaspoon of agave nectar. Within a few months, I started looking and feeling better. I just received TransmaxTR and I'll incorporate this into my daily Transmax routine so I have steady flow of high quality reseveratrol on a 24hr basis.

Because of my family member's horrific, eye-opening experience with our healthcare system, I learned it is my responsibility to obey a daily regimen of preventative health measures because I don't want to be at the mercy of multiple healthcare providers as I'm aging. Doctors treat only the symptoms and are not interested in the root cause of disease. I don't be a lifelong subscriber of prescription drugs while doctors and pharmaceutical companies are profiting off of my health issues. And development of chronic disease comes from years, decades, of ineffective daily habits and very poor diet - both of which can be easily corrected. I will use both Transmax and TransmaxHR as part of my daily preventative health program for the rest of my life.

Kate, USA

I am 59 years old and have had both of my shoulders rebuilt—Rotator cuff, decompression and bone spurs removed. I had my right shoulder done in January 2009—I was a poster child for doing the physical therapy and I still needed about 6 weeks off from work before I was able to get back in the swing of things. It took almost 6 months before I was really able to do much. I started taking your products (Transmax and BioQuench) in June of 2009

I was taking Transmax , BioQuench and BioSpan prior to my second surgery(I stopped 5 days prior on advice of physician) I resumed taking the products the day after the surgery. I only missed 2 ½ weeks of work and was at least a month ahead of my previous recovery time at 3 months. In February I started taking BioForge as I was able to start doing minimal weight lifting 2 1/2-5 lbs max.

I am now feeling stronger and better every day. I plan on doing a Sprint Triathalon in July. I feel great, people tell me I look like I'm in my mid 40's.

As an aside, I started giving our 15 year old dog a Bioforte on a daily basis about 3 months ago. At the time we were considering having to put him down. He is now doing much better getting around and is overall a much happier dog. We may get several more years out of him-Just wish I could have done this sooner.

Best wishes,
Denny Driggers


Transmax Supplement Packaging


Why Choose Transmax Trans-Resveratrol Supplements

Transmax is the world's original and still best selling 500mg Resveratrol supplement, for good reasons.

Most other Resveratrol suppliers did not exist even two years ago. These new comers have sprung up to take advantage of the popularity of Resveratrol. Unlike Biotivia they have no experience processing critical botanicals such as resveratrol, no scientists, no in-house laboratory or quality control system and they simply buy raw material from the lowest price broker or middleman and fill generic capsules. One wonders what they are actually selling. Biotivia is a manufacturer of herbal products not simply a reseller. We have over 18 years as an international manufacturer and processor of quality rare botanical materials. We have the expertise, quality control systems, staff and experience to insure that our products meet rigid quality, quantity and potency standards. This is why we are the first choice of the medical and research communities when they require resveratrol for human studies and trials.

The activity of resveratrol is highly dose dependent. This is another example of our committment to product improvement through science. Bioforte is now being processed using a proprietary system which dramatically boosts Trans-Resveratrol Bio Availability. The result is a substantially more effective dietary supplement and a much better value.

Our products are the purest, highest-potency, best value and freshest quality-validated Resveratrol supplements available anywhere. It is that simple.

Real Effects You will Notice from the First Week

  • Better Energy
  • Reduced Appetite and Food Cravings
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Mental Concentration

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A Company is Known by the Customers it Keeps.

Biotivia is not only the world's best selling Resveratrol product line, it is also the first and often only choice of major universities, research facilities and medical schools who buy our purified Resveratrol in the form of Transmax to conduct human studies and trials of Resveratrol's disease fighting and anti-aging properties. Our clients include such prestigious organizations as the Albert Einstein Medical School, Harvard University scientists and researchers, the US National Institutes of Health and the Health Ministries of Canada, the UK and many other countries. There are more human trials underway at major universities and medical schools using Transmax resveratrol than all other competitors' products together. Transmax is the only resveratrol supplement chosen by the US National Institutes of health and the Ministry of Health in Canada to certify as an investigational drug, IND. This is a tribute to the quality, integrity and potency of our Resveratrol health products.

The Transmax Trans-Resveratrol supplement provides the full daily dosage of the scientific trials in a single capsule.

Independent Verification of Biotivia's Quality sets apart from the pack

There is no substitute for truly independent validation of quality, purity, potency and safety. Bioforte is an internationally recognized and respected independent testing lab approved 250mg Trans-Resveratrol supplement and is the lowest cost per milligram supplement of all brands tested. An internationally recognized and respected independent testing lab results show that many brands of Resveratrol simply do not contain the amount of ingredients claimed on their label & ads and we make Bioforte's certificate of analysis available for you to view. Bioforte is 100% pure natural full-spectrum bio-enhanced Resveratrol. It contains no synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, no fillers and no Quercetin, Polysorbate, silica or other chemicals.

Frequent Questions Regarding Transmax Resveratrol

How does Biotivia Achieve a Two Fold Increase in Bio-availability?

Biotivia scientists have extensively researched the pharmacokinetics of Resveratrol and have developed a first in class product. Other companies formulate Resveratrol with fillers and excipients or reduce particle size to support a claim of increased bio-availability. These suppliers have no scientific staff or laboratories and often base their formulations upon speculation by non scientists or data that are not relevant to Resveratrol. Biotivia tackles the root problem of the bio-availability of Resveratrol through research by our own scientists in our own research facilities and collaboration with respected university pharmacy schools.

How do we achieve enhanced bio-activity? Resveratrol goes through a step called phase I metabolism. Phase I metabolism takes place in your gut and actively attaches enzymes to Resveratrol to make it non-active. In the biotech industry companies combat this type of issue in two ways. The first is to use a pro-drug. A pro-drug, which can and often is a natural plant extract, is not active itself but gets degraded into the active drug, in our case Resveratrol. In essence this helps Resveratrol bypass phase I metabolism and increases the potency and efficacy of our products. Another common practice among biotech companies is to use a pharmacokinetic enhancer. A pharmacokinetic enhancer will allow more Resveratrol to enter your body and is an effective means of increasing Resveratrol's benefits.

The precise method and modifications to standard resveratrol used by Biotivia are trade secrets however in response to a challenge by one of our competitors, our claim of superior bio-avialability was upheld by the National Advertising Division of the National BBB after an extensive review of our evidence by their experts. Furthermore, an internationally recognized and respected independent testing lab found Transmax and Bioforte to be the two most potent supplements that passed their recent evaluation of Resveratrol brands. This is a test that most suppliers chose not to participate in. In our clinical research we have done a one to one human study of Transmax versus pure reference standard Resveratrol. We are confident that Biotivia offers truly unique and superior Resveratrol-based products in terms of effective potency and bio-availability.

What is the Difference Between Bioforte and Transmax?

Based on studies done to date virtually all of the benefits of Resveratrol derive from the Trans-Resveratrol isomer. Our Bioforte resveratrol supplement has 250mg of bio-enhanced "Trans-Resveratrol" per all vegetable Pfizer capsule. The remaining 250mg consists of the other forms of Resveratrol including glucosides of Resveratrol, polydatin, emodin and other beneficial compounds naturally found in the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant. That is why we call Bioforte our full spectrum Resveratrol product. Transmax resveratrol supplement contains 500mg of purified "Trans-Resveratrol" making it laboratory grade. None of our products contain fillers, inert ingredients, or extraneous chemicals which might interfere with the purity and effectiveness of our formulations. This is an important reason why Transmax and Bioforte are used by scientists, physicians and university researchers when trying to isolate and quantify the effects of Trans-Resveratrol in various trials and studies. Our buyers include the top research professionals from virtually all of the respected medical schools and research institutions in the US, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Pittsburg and many others in Europe and the Asia.

How Many Capsules Should I Take?

Dosage is a very individual choice and depends on your weight, metabolism, individual body chemistry and your primary reasons for taking the product. In general the amount you take should be in proportion to your weight. For example a 200 pound man should take roughly twice as much as a 100 pound woman, all other things being the same.The average adult (i.e. 150 lbs.) should take 2 Bioforte or 1 Transmax dosage per day. This equates to about $1 per day for a Resveratrol supplement which has an extraordinarily wide range of benefits.

When and How Should I Take the Product?

Resveratrol is not very water soluble therefore your body needs to produce enzymes such as bile from the liver and gall bladder to assimilate it. Therefore we recommend that you take our supplements along with or shortly after taking an oily supplement like an Omega 3. This stimulates the production of the necessary enzymes and facilitates absorption.Otherwise take on an empty stomach, as mixing resveratrol with food can reduce its effectiveness. Since our products are natural they can be taken on an empty stomach and will be absorbed more easily if taken at least one hour before or after consuming a substantial meal. Our supplements may be taken at any time however early morning is when your body best absorbs most nutrients. To prevent intracellular oxidation of the Resveratrol, and this applies to many other polyphenols as well, one should take an antioxidant with one's daily resveratrol dose. Although something as simple as one gram of Vitamin C will help prevent oxidation we naturally recommend that you consider Biotivia's Bio Quench super fruit extract formulation, as your choice of antioxidant. Bio Quench tested at an ORAC rating per gram of over 13,500. This is the highest rating for any dry compound ever tested by Brunswick Laboratories, the inventor of the ORAC test.

How Does Biotivia Protect against Oxidation and How Should I Store the Products?

Our products are very stable at room temperature but it will not hurt to refrigerate them. Either way they will last for at least 2 years on the shelf after opening. Only Biotivia utilizes a patented Active Packaging technology which captures the free oxygen which enters a bottle when a capsule is retrieved. This system prevent oxidation of the sensitive resveratrol isomer and insures that your product will be just as bio active two years from the purchase date as it is the day you buy it.

Is Transmax available internationally?

Currently Transmax is only available in the USA and Canada, it will be available worldwide in 2016.

Independent Transmax Trans-Resveratrol Certificate of Analysis

Consumer Lab has validated Transmax as the only 500mg resveratrol capsule to pass their recent evaluation. Their tests prove that Transmax actually contains 529 mg per capsule of the trans-resveratrol molecule, considerably more than the label claim. 

ABC Testing


Transmax Raws

Transmax 60 Caps


Consumer Labs Testing

Biovea SingaporeBiotivia are proud to participate in the Consumer Labs Voluntary Certification Program. For further information, please visit ConsumerLabs

Product Reviewed: Biotivia Transmax Trans-resveratrol 500mg 98% Trans-Resveratrol.
Manufacturer / Distributor: Dist. by Biotivia LLC.
Units per Container: 60 capsules
Lot Number: VC25001A
Expiration Date: 07/2009
Total Claimed Amount of Resveratrol: 500mg/capsule trans-resveratrol

Analytical Findings - Overall Test: Pass

Serving Size: 1 capsule (1-2 per day)
Average unit content weight = 0.531g

i) Disintegration: N/A
ii) Resveratrol: PASS

Lab A: % of claimed resveratrol found: 102.3%

  • Trans-polydatin: 0.69mg/capsule
  • Cis-polydatin: <0.1mg/capsule
  • Resveratrol from polydatin found: 0.41mg/capsule
  • Trans-Resveratrol: 511mg/capsule
  • Cis-Resveratrol: <0.01mg/capsule
  • Total free trans/cis resveratrol found: 511mg/capsule
  • Total: 511.4mg/capsule

Biotivia Certificate


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