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The green vegetable capsule we use to encapsulate many of our supplements is no longer being produced by our supplier. As we find a long term solution, you may see a white, opaque, vegetable capsule. This is temporary, as we research a permanent solution. Please note: The white capsule is still a vegetable capsule.
The Benefits of Biotivia Independent University and Medical School human trials using Biotivia supplements show:
  • Increased resistance to the chronic health conditions associated with aging and obesity.
  • Improve Brain Blood flow by up to 200% - Bioforte at 2 capsules daily on 24 university students, Northumbria University in UK.
  • Eleven recent human clinical trials show dramatic health benefits with both Transmax and Bioforte, and over 120,000 in vitro studies and papers confirm Resveratrol’s unique health and wellness benefits.
  • Improve Insulin sensitivity and the ratio between HDL and LDL in blood plasma - multiple human trials at several University medical schools and research organisations.
  • Increase concentration, short term memory, and overall energy levels - Human clinical trials in European university medical schools.
  • Supports protection of smokers against pulmonary inflammation and oxidative stress - Medical School trial of 50 healthy smokers at Torino University.
  • Many other health and protective benefits shown in multiple Human and in vitro trials in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • No other Resveratrol supplement has shown the multiple health benefits of Biotivia supplements in peer-reviewed, published medical school human trials as ours have.
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The Biotivia Advantage - Clinically Proven Quality, Value, and Efficacy.
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