Untitled-1TARGETED IMMUNE SUPPORT - reformulated coming soon

625 mg, 60 capsules
IMMUNE EDGE™ has been reformulated to maximize the effectiveness of ingredients through targeted standardization and synergistic benefits. Targeted standardization takes selected beneficial compounds in an extract and individually standardizes them to the highest purity available.

Immune Edge combines multiple ingredients focused on boosting your immune system response. Fruit and plant extracts are utilized to target immune system function to help improve the body’s natural defenses and help mitigate seasonal nasal and throat symptoms.

The combination of polyphenols target nasal, throat, and respiratory symptoms while promoting a balanced intestinal tract. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that has proven to increase your body’s resilience to contagions.  Immune Edge delivers concentrated Shikimic Acid combined with Black Elderberry, Olive Leaf, Eleuthero Extract, Andrographis, and Quercetin to make Immune Edge your finest source of advanced immune support.
  • 100 mg – Star Anise Extract - (98% shikimic acid)
  • 100 mg – Elderberry Extract - (25% anthocyanins)
  • 150 mg – Olive Leaf Extract - (60% oleuropein)
  • 50 mg – Olive Leaf Extract - (20% hydroxytyrosol)
  • 25 mg – Olive Leaf Extract - (4% elenolic acid)
  • 100 mg – Eleuthero Extract - (2% eleutherosides B+E)
  • 50 mg – Andrographis Extract - (60% andrographosides)
  • 50 mg - Quercetin Dihydrate

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