Our Mission

Dedicated to helping you increase your active health span

We do this by creating the highest quality, safest and purest nutraceutical supplements in the world.

For us, maximum health is about seeking nature’s gems and distilling them with thorough research. Just living longer is one thing. But, no one wants longevity to mean years of pain, inflammation, and inactivity.

Having more active and disease free years is what we are really aiming for. Sound too good to be true? We don’t think so, and we have the research to back that up.



We apply the latest, most scientifically
rigorous clinical research


Our customers know better than to expect results from hokey supplements with nothing but rhetoric behind them.

They want uncomplicated solutions that fit into their busy lives, but they also want real evidence of efficacy. Re-inventing nutraceutical supplements that actually deliver benefits for a smart and sophisticated consumer began with one basic question: how do we create products that are different, safe, and really work?

Biotivia has taken a unique approach and delivers products unlike anything else available today.

We like to think of our approach as how the Pharma industry would conduct research if they had caught onto the real power of the natural substances our planet supplies.

We apply the latest, most scientifically rigorous clinical research.
Research on youth extension and disease prevention, and combine that with the purest, most valuable natural ingredients. The result? Potentially high-impact health benefits are taken out of the lab and made available to you.

Like an expertly-made lab created gem, the results of our supplements are indistinguishable from those of the natural substances they are derived from. Our prime ingredient, Resveratrol, unlocks the barriers to less illness, better muscle tone, and healthier outward appearance by offering levels of this antioxidant that you simply cannot get from diet alone.


Delivering the potential to help live a healthier life.

Not just today, but continuously and late into life. And, the best part is that they take little time or effort from your busy day. Often, time is the biggest barrier to extending our own lives and healthspans.

We respect the intelligence of our customers.

We do not make outlandish claims or guarantee immediate results. We encourage our customers to seek out the scientific research. Having and utilizing the right information is what health really comes down to.

Great supplements based on the latest research

We know that customers will make an informed choice. We’ve retained our long-term customers because of one thing – the personal results they experience from our products.

We apply the latest, most scientifically rigorous clinical research on youth extension disease prevention, and combine that with the purest, most valuable natural ingredients.

We apply a unique three-step approach to research and development.
No fads, no trends, no hype.


First, our researchers monitor the latest developments in anti-aging and disease prevention research constantly.

But, they also apply a filter to help them pinpoint the most promising breakthroughs. They must be reputable and repeatable, based on naturally-occurring materials, and demonstrate great promise to improve human health.

Then begins the difficult work of developing a supplement that conforms to the clinical studies and that is designed for the human body to absorb.

While many companies will take an ingredient mentioned in the news and develop a supplement, they do not do the research to determine dosage levels or bioavailability. Often the key ingredients are simply passed through the body. An analysis of any of our products will reveal formulations that combine ingredients in a synergistic manner to increase bioavailability and deliver most benefit.

Finally, we hold ourselves to incredibly high quality. We adhere to quality control standards developed for the pharmaceutical industry, not just minimum requirements from the FDA.


Why We Do It

We saw an opportunity to provide a new kind of nutraceutical

Something that was missing in today’s market filled with low quality vitamins and loosely regulated ‘supplements’. What was missing was the science, as well as stringent quality and purity standards. And, honestly, isn’t that kind of essential?

We do not create fast fad products in the hope of capitalizing on a media trend. Our researchers are tracking scientific breakthroughs based on significance in terms of health benefit, not media coverage.

Our goal is to serve our clients for life, and earn their ongoing trust through the superior quality of the product we offer.

At Biotivia, we prefer to gain customers through the slower process of delivering on long-term results rather than making a quick sale with a disappointing, hyped-up product.

We believe that our products, built on unique formulations and held to pharmaceutical grade safety and production standards, have the potential to extend the number of active, disease-free years our customers enjoy.

It's That Simple.