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Launching April 30, 2014.
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Important note: MitoTrans is purified, stabilized NAD+ in a patented Delayed Release UV protected tablet manufactured in a fully certified pharmaceutical facility. MitoTrans is Not Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), Niacin, NADH, or a NAD+ substitute or precursor. MitoTrans is the actual Coenzyme that was up regulated in the December 2013 Harvard, National Institutes of Health trial.



Again Biotivia leads the industry in offering the public a health and health span breakthrough.


NAD+ Mito Trans Youth Restoring Biotivia scientists believe that MitoTrans* (NAD+) is an important development in the reversal of cell aging at the mitochondrial level. This natural coenzyme has been shown to reverse a fundamental aspect of age related deterioration in the energy producing mitochondria of animal cells. This is a breakthrough scientific achievement. The molecule NAD+ which we have named MitoTrans was shown to transform the mitochondria of late life animals to the age equivalent of young, healthy, fit animals. In the December 2013 trial undertaken by David Sinclair and his fellow scientists at Harvard University, working in collaboration with New South Wales University of Sydney Australia, and the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Aging, the researchers reported, "The ageing process we discovered is like a married couple: when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down, said professor David Sinclair, who is based at Harvard Medical School. "And just like a couple, restoring communication solved the problem."

Sinclair, who also discovered the Sirtuin activation properties of Resveratrol in 2005, stated, “ We have two major chromosome sets in our body –– the chromosomes that we all know about, we call it our genome. But there's other DNA that we often don't think about –– the mitochondrial DNA that we get from our mothers," Professor Sinclair said. During ageing these two genomes don't talk to each other. We found that we could reverse that and get the communication going again and the animals went back to being young again." To characterize this development as revolutionary in the field of longevity medicine is probably not an exaggeration. 

The study, published in the December 13 edition of the prestigious journal Cell, reported that up regulation of a compound known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+ via a precursor, essentially rolled back the clock to day one on the mitochondria of muscle tissue exposed to the compound. NAD+ is one of the coenzymes that all of our cells produce, but which diminishes with age. The evil twin coenzyme of NAD+ is NADH. NADH counters the actions of NAD+, and increases in proportion to NAD+ as one ages. Inhibition of NADH has shown positive health effects. This is why it is important to distinguish between these two molecules. The result of increased NADH is the gradual loss of muscle quality, strength, and flexibility, and function which we enjoy in our youth. NAD+, on the other, hand improves these parameters. Although the researchers stated that the sooner one begins a pro NAD+ regimen the greater the results one can expect, even animals near the end of their natural life span responded with the improvement equivalent to taking a 60 year old human muscle back to the condition of a fit 20 year old. No other compound or pharmaceutical has been able to accomplish this before. Bear in mind, the heart is a muscle, and all other organs and physiological processes rely upon the mitochondria for the energy required to function efficiently.

Dr Nigel Turner, senior research fellow at UNSW and co-author of the study, in an interview with the Guardian Australia paper stated, “The rate of age reversal in mice was “amazingly rapid”. Turner went on to say that, “a “magic pill” that reverses ageing is several years away, partially due to the cost of the compound, which would be about $50,000 a day for a human.” Biotivia has moved the schedule several years ahead, just as we did with both Resveratrol and Pterostilbene. We have also brought the cost down to a fraction of the amount referred to by Dr Turner.


Biotivia scientists have been keenly aware of the potential of this unique molecule, particularly its chemopreventative properties and its applications to human health and health span, for more then 5 years. We have been working with our pharmaceutical partners to make it available, in a form that can be directly utilized, at an affordable cost. Over the past year we have succeeded in developing the technology to produce highly purified stabilized NAD+ (oxidized) in limited commercial quantities at a fraction of the cost Dr. Turner alluded to in his recent interviews with the Guardian, BBC, and several other news channels. We have done this by first, bypassing the precursor stage and providing an oral form of the molecule NAD+ itself, and secondly developing a sustained release form of this molecule as a supplement. Dr. David Sinclair stated that he intends to create a company to make NAD+ available to the public in a few years. Biotivia Labs, the world's first Nutraceutical research and development company to offer pharma grade Trans-resveratrol, and the first company to create a high potency Pterostilbene supplement, is now the first company in the world to offer a certified pharmaceutical grade stabilized NAD+ supplement to the public. The cost of this regimen is not trivial, however it is nowhere near the $50,000 per day estimate of Dr Turner. Biotivia is offering a one time 30 day treatment regimen which includes NAD+, and Transmax TR Resveratrol, which, based upon the mass of scientific evidence from multiple peer-reviewed studies, should be sufficient for the average person to achieve the mitochondrial reversal effect seen in the recent animal study. One treatment semi annually is the recommended regimen to sustain the improvement. NAD+ and Trans-resveratrol have been shown to work in a strongly interdependent fashion with respect to Sirtuin activation.

Clearly, there is more to the aging process than mitochondrial deterioration, and Biotivia does not claim that this is the entire answer to the challenge of increasing health span, however we do believe that it is the most important development to date, and MitoTrans appears to be one critical quantum leap ahead in achieving the goal of optimum quality of life and health span. It is hard to adequately describe the importance of this development, such is its magnitude.

Questions & Answers

Q. What is MitoTrans actually?
A. MitoTrans is a purified, pharmaceutical grade, stabilized form of the molecule called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (oxidised form)

Q. How is MitoTrans different from the bulk form of this molecule?
A. MitoTrans is a super purified, consumable, pharma grade form of this molecule. It has been processed into a delayed release tablet, contained in a protective opaque blister package.

Q. How does MitoTrans differ from that of the NAD+ precursors Nicotinamide, Niacin and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)?
A. None of these precursor molecules were involved in any way in the recent Harvard - MIT - NIH trial published in December 2013, despite the insinuation of one manufacturer of NR. The Harvard researchers used an entirely different molecule, whose NAD+ up regulation strength was on the order of 1,000 times greater than Niacin, Nicotinamide or NR. Further the precursor was injected, not administered orally. Based upon conversion of the dosage used in the animal trials, in which these specific precursors were administered in an attempt to increase endogenous NAD+, the human dosage required to obtain any significant increase in NAD+ equates to between 24 grams and over 100 grams daily. MitoTrans is not simply a NAD+ precursor. It is purified NAD+ itself.

Q. Why is MitoTrans suitable for oral use as a supplement considering that NAD+ is normally destroyed to a great extend by stomach enzyymes and acids?
A. We have applied a patented sustain release technology in the manufacture of MitoTrans which delays release of the NAD+ until it has passed through the stomach, allowing it to be absorbed through the epithelial tissue of the small intestine.

Q. Are there side effects associated with MitoTrans?
A. At the dosage contained in MitoTrans the only side effect which some users report is a slight increase in mental alertness and energy. NAD+ is a natural coenzyme found in the mitochondria of all animals. It has not been shown to be toxic or to have adverse effects in animals.

Q. How did increasing the ratio of NAD+ to NADH in the 13 December Harvard, MIT, National Institutes of Health, UNSW trial affect the animals in the study?
A. The mitochondria, the cells' energy factories and the extra nuclear organelles which provide the power required to drive all biological processes, organ functions, and muscles, was dramatically affected. Mitochondria of older animals was reverted to a form identical to that of young, fit, healthy animals. This has never been accomplished before by any natural or synthetic compound or drug. As the lead researcher said in an interview with the BBC, " it was the equivalent of transforming a 60-year-old's muscle to that of a 20-year-old" .

Q. Are there other benefits of increasing cellular NAD+ levels?
A. There are a whole constellation of other health benefits. Many of these can be found by searching on for NAD+ benefits.

Q. How are the effects of Resveratrol and NAD+ related?
A. Resveratrol and NAD+ operate interdependently in some cellular processes and in parallel in others. They both affect Sirt 1 activation and both target similar processes which enhance health. Again, a (not for the term, Resveratrol and NAD+, will fetch a wealth of information regarding the complementary effects of Resveratrol and NAD+.

Q. Why is MitoTrans sold in a package which also includes Transmax TR?
A. See the above answer. These two compounds are extremely complementary in their health effects.

Q. Why is MitoTrans more costly than Transmax for example?
A. MitoTrans is an extremely costly ingredient to begin with. To compound the cost, it is necessary to process this coenzyme in a UVB free, ultra low humidity, low oxygen environment using specialized pharmaceutical equipment and processes, and to apply the delayed release micro-encapsulation technology to the tablet processing. If you find another supplier of this molecule at a lower cost it may be because they are actually supplying NADH, the opposite molecule to NAD+ in terms of mitochondrial effects, or are not using a pharma grade material processed according to the strict requirements one must observe to insure that the supplement is not destroyed during processing or via the passage through the stomach.

Q. How is this molecule different from the one used in the latest Harvard trials?
A. In the trial NAD+ was up regulated by a precursor. In MitoTrans the actual NAD+ molecule is provided, bypassing the precursor stage. This is possible by utilizing the same delayed release tablet technology we use to produce Transmax TR.

Q. What proof is there that oral administration of NAD+ is actually effective?
A. In a study done by a major Japanese university, titled Comparison of metabolic fates of nicotinamide, NAD+ and NADH administered orally and intraperitoneally; in which oral administration of NAD+ versus the precursors of NAD+ it was determined that the metabolite, Nicotinamide (Nam) was found in the urine of the animals administered NAD+ orally, but not in the urine of animals given NADH. The presence of this metabolite is evidence that the NAD+ was absorbed, and entered the cells and tissues of the test animals and was metabolised. This has been confirmed by later analysis of cells and cell organelles.

Q. Does NAD+ activate the Sirtuins, the so-called anti-ageing genes?
A. Both Resveratrol and NAD+ up regulate all 7 of the human homologue sirtuins. Resveratrol also up regulates NAD+ in both the mitochondria and cell nucleus and both compounds operate interdependently to potentiate each’s ability to activate the Sirtuin enzymes. See for more information regarding the ways in which Resveratrol and NAD+ act in concert to beneficially modulate various cellular processes.

Q. Why is it necessary to apply sustained release technology to NAD+?
A. There are several reasons why an advanced sustained release system is critical to the effectiveness and potency of NAD+. First, the patented delayed release system used to manufacture MitoTrans protects the highly active NAD+ molecule from destruction by gastric enzymes and acid. Second, the half life of NAD+ is approximately 2 hours. Consequently it is crucial to release the active ingredient over a period of several hours so that the molecule is active for a sufficiently long period of time at the cellular and extra cellular levels.

Q. Is the time release technology used with MitoTrans the same thing as enteric coating?
A. No, it is not. Enteric coating is a very primitive system that only slightly delays the release of the total amount of the drug or supplement ingredients. It is merely a coating over the surface of the tablet. Our sustained release system is far more sophisticated. Each particle of NAD+ micro sized powder in the tablet is individually encapsulated in a protective, all natural film that graduates the release over a pre determined period of time. This allows the supplement designer to precisely tailor the release profile of the ingredients in the most effective manner to optimise their absorption.


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