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September 2012

BIOTIVIA is official sponsor of the 2nd International Scientific Conference on Resveratrol and Health, taking place at the University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom.

Resveratrol 2012 brings together the leading profiles from across the world to collect and summarize last year's scientific work in the area of resveratrol.

“Some 200 globally leading stakeholders in the area of resveratrol are expected to join for this three days intensive conference. Resveratrol2012 will bring together researchers and experts from all over the world to share, discuss and summarize the last two years of scientific work in the area of resveratrol. Other than offering great opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking, the conference will produce a selection of reports with the latest update on global resveratrol research, as well as recommendations for the coming year's scientific research and the use of resveratrol.

The level of cooperation and communication between academic and industry actors from all over the world was greatly increased by the 1st international resveratrol conference in 2010. This positive development is expected to be boosted even more by the 2nd resveratrol conference that will emphasize collaboration, knowledge sharing and exploration of new and inspiring business opportunities”.

University of Leicester

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