Bio Shape - Inhibits Appetite and Boosts Metabolic Activity

Control your appetite, Increase Energy, and Manage your Weight with Bio Shape. No other non-prescription or prescription weight control product is comparable in terms of potency, safety and efficacy. We guarantee it.

Bio Shape combines the six most effective safe natural weight loss extracts into one product with a far higher potency and purity than any other supplement.

Bio Shape represents a new and powerful multi-faceted approach to the complex and difficult challenge of weight loss.

There exists no other product which combines the appetite suppresants Organic Green Tea, Fucoxanthin and Garcinia Gambogis with Resveratrol.

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Weight loss Weight loss

Study unlocks resveratrol’s fat fighting potential

"Daily consumption of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound in red wine, may reduce body fat levels by preventing the formation of fat tissue, suggests a new study with rats."

Find out more on this ground breaking study at Nutra Ingredients



Weight loss

Why is Bio Shape more effective than previous weight management products?

Bio Shape reduces appetite and cravings. Controlling appetite is the most critical issue when it comes to weight loss.

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Bio Shape Resveratrol Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

Trans-Resveratrol 98% 200mg*
This ingredient alone would make an extraordinary supplement.

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Weight loss

Bio Shape Weight Loss

BioShape Bottle Bio Shape 1 Month Supply

Bio Shape Weight Loss Bundles

Slim Down Special
Slim Down Special

Get one bottle of Bio Quench, one bottle of Bio Shape, one bottle of Bio Span, and one bottle of Bioforte.

Fitness Special
Super Health Special

Get one bottle of Bio Forge, one bottle of Bioforte, and one bottle of Bio Shape.


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Bio Shape 1 Month Supply
Bio Shape Bottle
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