Bio Quench was designed to mop up free radicals through a multi- faceted approach. The super fruit extracts it contains work together with bio-enhanced Resveratrol, itself a powerful antioxidant and phytoalexin, and alpha lipoic acid, to prevent the damage to the body’s cells, organs and DNA which accelerate aging and weaken the immune system. 


  • No other supplement combines these high potency polyphenols with bio-enhanced Resveratrol.
  • Different Antioxidants function differently in your body. Bio Quench was designed to provide the full range of health benefits from the 5 major classes of advanced antioxidants proportioned according to published peer-reviewed clinical studies.
  • Uniquely potent Antioxidant super fruit complex with Resveratrol, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Apple Skin, Goji Berry, and much more. Quench damaging free radicals and protect your body from the aging effects of these highly reactive molecules. The inability to deal with Oxidative Stress is the cause of many health imbalances.
  • Bio Quench’s antioxidant capacity was rated at 13,580 ORAC units per gram by Brunswick Laboratory, the authority on the ORAC test. This is the highest rating for any supplement capsule ever tested by Brunswick. This is, for example, equivalent to over 500 liters of Pomegranate juice per daily dose of Bio Quench.
  • Packed in advanced all vegetable Pfizer V Licaps – which, unlike traditional gelatin capsules, keep out oxygen, light and other contaminants that destroy the potency of fish oil products -- often while they are still on the shelves.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and people who follow a gluten-free diet.
  • Bio Quench is certified Vegan by the American Vegetarian Association.


60 Ct. V-Caps                                                                                                                        

Scientific Studies Related to Bio Quench Super Antioxidant

Independent studies into various extracts used in the Biotivia Bio Quench Trans-Resveratrol Super Antioxidant product.





Bio Quench Trans-Resveratrol Supplement Facts

Formulated to conform to recent scientific studies on Resveratrol.

Bio Quench Supplement Ingredients

Trans-resveratrol 75% -- This ingredient alone would make an extraordinary product.

Test Methods for Bio Quench Super Antioxidant

Resveratrol supplements were tested for their total trans and cis resveratrol content.

Bio Quench Super Antioxidant Supplement Certificate of Analysis

Product Reviewed: Biotivia Resveratrol Bio Quench.


Bio Quench Super Antioxidant

BioQuench Bottle Bio Quench 1 Month Supply


Bio Quench Super Antioxidant Bundles

Slim Down Special
Slim Down Special

Get one bottle of Bio Quench, one bottle of Bio Shape, one bottle of Bio Span, and one bottle of Bioforte.

Super Health Special
Super Health Special

Get one bottle of Bio Quench, one bottle of Bio Span+, and one bottle of Bioforte.



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Bio Quench 1 Month Supply
BioQuench Bottle
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