Immune Edge+
Immune Defense Support

An exclusive combination of advanced polyphenols and traditional remedies designed to work synergistically to support your body's defenses and give them a powerful boost. The efficacy of the ingredients contained in the formula has been confirmed in multiple peer reviewed published scientific studies and human trials.

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  • Immune Edge+ brings together for the first time a unique blend of four botanical ingredients you won’t find in other formulas -- . to give your defense system a powerful boost
  • We have spent three years intensively researching and testing our formulation of potent polyphenols and antioxidants, as well as developing a proprietary processing system which concentrates and stabilizes our scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Your best source of Advanced Immune Support Polyphenols.
  • The Black Elderberry extract in ImmuneEdge+ has been a traditional remedy for over 1000 years and now scientific evidence confirms its properties.
  • Black Elderberry has one of the highest ORAC antioxidant values yet recorded for any North American food.
  • We add the special Shikimic Acid from Star anise, along with Star Anise powder and Siberian Ginseng.
  • Proven to greatly reduce severity and duration of indications in double blind university trials.
  • ImmuneEdge+ is an extraordinarily good value if only for its antioxidant and polyphenol benefits.
  • Effective and safe for adults and children over 10 yrs.
  • Packed in advanced all vegetable Pfizer V Licaps – which, unlike traditional gelatin capsules, keep out oxygen, light and other contaminants that destroy the potency of fish oil products -- often while they are still on the shelves.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and people who follow a gluten-free diet.

60 V-caps                                                                                                      

Scientific Research Related to ImmuneEdge+




ImmuneEdge+ Immune Support Supplement Packaging

Formulated to conform to recent scientific studies.
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ImmuneEdge+ Vital Immune Support Supplement Certificate of Analysis

ABC Testing.
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ImmuneEdge+ Advanced Immune Support Ingredients

ImmuneEdge+ is one your best sources of Advanced Immune Support Polyphenols.
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Why Use ImmuneEdge+

ImmuneEdge+ gives you a unique combination of advanced polyphenols and traditional remedies designed to work synergistically to support your body's defences.
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Test Methods for ImmuneEdge+ Immune Support

Resveratrol products were tested for their total trans and cis resveratrol content.
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Immune Edge+ Immune Support

BioQuench Bottle Immune Edge+ 2 Month Supply

Immune Edge+ Bundles

Immune Support Special
Immune Support Special

Get two bottles of ImmunEdge+ and two bottles of Bio Quench. Your best all natural combination of polyphenols and full spectrum Resveratrol formulated to boost immunity to infection.


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Immune Edge+ 2 Month Supply
Immune Edge+ Bottle
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